Mesh-free Surgery

Dr. Huffaker is a national leader in mesh-free surgery using a human tissue biologic for pelvic floor repair.

“In the first years of my surgical practice, I did a significant amount of synthetic mesh removal. As the volume of cases declined, I became interested in biologic grafts and their potential to reduce the risks of recurrence in pelvic floor repair. Specifically, I was looking for a biologic that could extend the duration of these procedures, and ideally avoid the need to repeat the surgery down the road.”

Dr. Huffaker found a biologic that could help his patient’s tissues become healthier and stronger, and lead to longer-lasting repairs. 

After observing a surgeon using the biologic, Dr. Huffaker adapted it to his own practice methods. 

He has had 50+ successful mesh-free surgeries to date to repair anterior (bladder prolapse) and posterior (rectal prolapse) areas using this biologic.  

“In the short time I have been using the biologic, I have been very pleased with its results. My patients are achieving very good outcomes, including excellent tissue health and regeneration.”

Benefits of this method
Removes 99.8% of donor DNA to limit the body’s immune response
Promotes cell regeneration for fast, natural healing

Watch the video to learn more: